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About us

Skewt is an Island based, family company, run by Jonathan and his partner Julia.

"In the early 2000's I was impressed by a similar service I saw while living in Guernsey. The idea always stayed with me. After seeing the devastating effects on an Island family of losing a child through drink driving, and with 6 children of our own, I knew we had to do something." (Jonathan)

The primary aim of Skewt is to prevent drink driving on the Isle of Wight. We have experienced the difficulty getting home from an evening out, especially for short or remote journeys, and we have seen people take risks as a result. Of course we have also had those arguments over who drinks and who drives!!!

With Skewt you need never be tempted to drink and drive again. As long as we have a driver available we will always aim to say yes,  for everything from those remote journeys from a country pub or just around the corner (those journeys people risk driving). We'll never turn you down based on price or distance, no job is too small or too far away.

"Thank you SKEWT, as a driver , it was a change and a great pleasure,to be driven home after a enjoyable night out, the service was punctual, polite, and I felt safe."

​Peter- East Cowes


Skewt is a unique get you home service based on the Isle of Wight. Getting to you on state of the art folding scooters our fully comprehensively insured chauffeurs will drive you, your car and your passengers home.

No need for two taxi's on a night out and you'll save money too!

More than just a designated driver or taxi service we offer collection and delivery of your car for its service or MOT, so you never have to take the day off work to sit at the garage ever again!

Medical Appointments meaning you can't drive? No problem, we'll get you there and back in the comfort of your own car!

For our full range of services see our Services page.