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​Example Journeys*

East Cowes-Newport (5 miles): £22
Ryde-Sandown (6 miles): £24

Newport-Ryde (7 miles): £26

Yarmouth-Newport (10 miles): £34

Cowes-Bembridge (15 miles): £45

*Prices are calculated on exact mileage door to door using google maps.

For vehicles;

  • worth over £50,000
  • carrying over 6 persons
  • over 3.5 tonnes

Please inform us at time of booking and we will inform our insurance company, additional fees may apply.


At SKEWT our pricing structure is unique to offer the best value for money to you, and at times we may review this structure to best fit our customers.

In 90% of cases we come out at a very close price to a single taxi fare for a similar journey and after midnight often much less but with the comfort and convenience of using your own car!

Remember, with Skewt you are only paying for one journey not two, as you don't need a taxi out and home again, or if you took your car, another taxi to collect it the next day.

*Comparison is meant as an indicative guide only and may not reflect the true price charged. The comparison is based on current (2013) IOW County Council Taxi Charging Policies for a taxi after midnight until 6:00am.