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Our Services

Get You Home

We believe that even one drink is too many.

Why risk losing your license or worse injuring yourself or someone else?  Let us drive, we′ll get you and your car home with no worries about drink driving, parking tickets or having to pay for return taxis to collect your car the next day.

We′ll even drop off your friends if requested. 

All Skewt Chauffeurs are CRB/DBS checked, have clean driving licenses verified with DVLA and are insured to drive any vehicle* for any reason. Your car is in good hands.

Collection and Delivery For MOT/ Servicing

Taking time off work for your car service or MOT can be costly and time consuming. Want your car picked up from work, serviced and returned before you finish? We can arrange to pick-up your car and return it with the garage of your choice carrying out your service and MOT or repair. Simply call us to arrange on 01983 200122  or ask your preferred garage to give us call. 

Medical, Opticians or Dental Appointments

Not well enough to drive after an appointment? Advised not to drive? Don’t worry, we’ll get you and your car home safely. Whenever you can’t drive your car, whatever the reason,  Skewt will get you home.


A commercial service? Not quite!!! Fancy a valet to park cars at your event? We can even park vehicles at your birthday party (There’s never enough street parking). We can offer fully insured drivers/ valets and chauffeurs to move any vehicle for any reason. With a smile and a uniform (including hat where appropriate) we can offer drivers for any reason.

Ferry Ports Assistance

Late for the ferry? Car Park full? Give us a call as soon as you can and we will be there as soon as we can to park your car or take it back to your home. We will be at the ferry with your car waiting for you when you return. We can also arrange for your car to be cleaned or for transport to a garage for repair or service while you're on the mainland, just let us know.